Teacher’s Team

Basical nutrition & human nutrition

◇Jiang Y Associate professor, Dr.,

Siseases nutrition & Cooking

◇Wang ZY Professor, Dr.,
Sport’s nutrion and...
◇Liu C, Lecturer, Master Sc.,

Community nutrition & Practise

Nutritional sources & food supply

Zheng TS Professor, Dr.,
Natrients analysis methods
Lv LS Associate professor, Dr.,
Food nutrients assay...

Dietary nutrition & cooking

《Nutrition》is a key course for the speciality
of Food & Nutrition Science,
Food Science & Engineering.
It is the Jiangsu outstanding course (2004)
It is the NJNU outstanding course (2002), (2005)

The teaching characteristics:

1 Teaching content is that human digestive physilogy,
life cycle & community & clinical nutrition
are added in this course for human health;
2 Nutritional experiments & pratices is very important for
students’ trainning in Labs or in placement
3 The teaching method are conbined with multi-media,
double-language, network & course disicussion



White books




Academic News:Oct. 2008, 10th China Nutrition Congress in Beijing
Aug.2008,3 international bone health & Ca metabolism Congress in Shanhai
April2008,the council meeting of Jiangsu Nutrition Association in Nanjing
2008, Proposal for outstanding courses in the high education of nation & Jiangsu province
March 2008, Jinling Nutrition Sourses Institutein NJNU
Dec.2007, Jiangsu 3th clinical nutrition syposium in Nanjing
Aug.2007, 53th international meat science Congress in Beijing
June2007, 17th scientific meeting of international bone and mineral society in Monteal Canada
June 2006,Professor & prepresident Li Lite in China Agricultural University gave a seminar to our students
Nov.2005,Professor & prepresident Li Ningyuan in Furen University of Taiwan gave a seminar to our students
April2004,Professor & prepresident Peter Butter in Nottinghan University of UK gave a seminar to our students
June2004,Biochemist Xue YP in Cambridge University of UK gave a seminar to our student

For research paper
No 31,2007, Milk with human health (experts’ report)
Research papers for 10th China Nutrition Congress, dateline: May 20 2008
Research papers for Journal of Food Industry (China)
Research papers for Journal of Aging Medicine (China)


Nutritional Education



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