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Professor Tang Guoan


Doctor, Professor, Doctor’s Tutor, Chief of the course

Department Head of GIS in School of Geographical Science, Nanjing Normal University

Assistant Director of Key GIS Lab of Jiangsu Province.

He was born in Ningbo of Zhejiang province in June, 1961. In 1982, he graduated from Northwest University, majored in Physical Geography and then worked in Water and Soil Research Institute of Shanxi Province. In 1987, he received his master’s degree from the same school, majored in Cartography and Remote Sensing and became a teacher in it. In 1995, he went to study in Salzburg University in Austria and three years later, got the doctor's degree of Geographical Information System. He returned to Northwest University to teach in 1999. One year later, he came to Institute of Water and Soil Conservation, Chinese Academy of Science, to do research work as a senior visiting scholar. From 2001 to 2003, he engaged in post-doctor's research in Northwest University and in the last year, he moved to work in Nanjing Normal University. Now, he is the department head of GIS in School of Geographical Science and assistant director of Key GIS Lab of Jiangsu Province. Moreover he is vice director of Education Committee of the GIS Association of China as well as the member of Cartography and GIS Committee of Chinese Geography Society. In the recent years, he mainly devoted himself in research work such as the uncertainty of DEM, digital topographical analysis of loess plateau, data mining and knowledge discovery for National Fundamental Geo-Database. He successively takes charge in several scientific research projects titled “Fund Project of National Natural Science”, “National 863 Project”, “Key Science and Tech Project of Ministry of Education”, “Fund Project towards Outstanding Young of Ministry of Education”, “Scientific Fund of Chinese Post-Doctors” and “Fund Project towards Outstanding Returned Student Abroad of Ministry of Education”. Professor Tang teaches Geographical Information System, GIS Spatial Analysis, Digital Ground Model and Geomatics Application, Superior GIS etc. for graduates and post-graduates for a long time. He has received multiple prizes on scientific research and teaching.


As a Principal Investigator

 1.    National Natural Science Foundation of China, “The uncertainty of DEM and its influence to applications (2000-2002), Principal Investigator

 2.     National Natural Science Foundation of China, “DEM terrain information contents in different Spatial scale and transfer TuPu (2003-2005), Principal Investigator

 3.     Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China(863), “Multi-sources spatial information data minning” (2002.1-2003.12), Co-Investigator

 4.    The Key Project of Science-technology Research Granted by Chinese Ministry of Education, “DEM terrain information contents in different Spatial scale and transfer TuPu (2001-2003), Principal Investigator

 5.     China Postdoctoral Science Research Foundation, “Information contents of national fundamental geographical information (2001-2002), Principal Investigator

 6.    Foundation of The Excellent Young Teachers Program of MOE P.R.C., “Error and uncertainty of DEM and its influence to application (2001-2002) Principal Investigator

 7.     Research foundation of State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, “The method of extracting topographical parameters from DEM and accuracy analysis (Since 2000), Principal Investigator

 8.    Fund Project for Senior Visiting Scholar of The Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics: 3D expression and simulation of ground space (2001-2002),  Principal Investigator

 9.     Fund Project for research of Water and Soil Conservation by Loess Committee, Ministry of Water Resource:Key technology of monitoring soil erosion in Loess Plateau and network design (2002-2003),  Principal Investigator

 10.  Fund Project of Education Department of Shanxi Province:  The topographical index system of regional water lose and soil erosion (2001-2003), Principal Investigator

 11.  Scientific Research Fund of Education Commission of Shanxi Province, “Research project of setting up urban calamity predict system in Xian (1995), Principal Investigator

 12.  Scientific  Research  Foundation  for  the  Returned  Overseas  Chinese  Scholars,  State  Education  Ministry, “Error of DEM topographical representation and its influence to application”, Principal Investigator


Academic Monograph

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 3.      Guoan TANGChen ZhengjiangZhao MudanLiu WanqingLiu Yongmei,《GIS SPATIAL ANALYSIS BASED ON ARCVIEW 2002.10 





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